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Jasper Kravitz

Jasper Kravitz Line

Jasper Kravitz Line

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Our small batch handcrafted sanitizer blends are made with pure, natural ingredients, without the chemical additives found in commercial alternatives. 70% isopropanol kills germs and viruses, 15% aloe nourishes your skin and leaves your hands feeling soft and smelling fresh. Available in 4 essential oil fragrances and unscented.

All of our Ingredients are sourced in the USA. Our commitment to the environment mean our products are cruelty-free, contain minimal plastic, and are produced utilizing on-site solar power. Pure Genuine means all natural, no artificial colors or fragrances, no goopy chemical thickeners.


Cedarwood - Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, cedarwood has a camphoreous top note with balsamic, woody undertones. Cedarwood helps to improve cerebral activity, enhance concentration, relax the body, decrease hyperactivity, ease tension and reduce stress. Its pleasant earthy scent is used as a natural deodorant.


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